“Balaxy Orchestra” has risen from the still-warm ashes of the old “Millenniums”. 

After a decade, two albums and more than a hundred concerts in the Benelux, the band is ready to explore new horizons.  Their new line-up of 10 outstanding musicians creates the perfect setup for their feature energy and sound.  Their stage performance has become more alive than ever.

To return to their roots, the band has decided to get rid of their out-of-date name, Millenniums, to give Balaxy Orchestra a new and fresh start.  Despite the change of name, Balaxy Orchestra remains “the dirty orchestra”, “the power-brass hurricane”. 

Party music, thrilling improvisations, explosive energy and inexhaustible enthusiasm rule their performances.  Combining jazz and world music, Balaxy Orchestra is a surprising “big band with the right rock & roll feel”, with BALKAN influences and GALACTICLY inspired.

The new album “Wilkey May Trip” is a true live recording, representing their passion for apocalyptic party music and touching songs, sung by the fantastic Italian singer, Assunta Mandaglio.


Wilkey May Trip

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Wilkey May Trip

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